Our little bean!


A lot of women blog about their pregnancies. I thought it would be a fun thing to try. Each post, I’ll share about how I’m feeling, cravings, and include a short note or prayer to baby (edamame). 

First things first: the blog name. Your dad and I found out we were expecting, when I was about 6 weeks along. According to week-by-week baby size charts, you were the size of a lentil. Lentils are related to beans, so your dad started calling you “Edamame” (Japanese soybeans). I became “Edamommy”. The rest of our little family consists of “Edadaddy” (your dad) and “Edawiemy” (our Weimaraner dog, Titus).

The first trimester is coming to an end! Yay! I feel fortunate that I did not have morning sickness at all. I will admit that certain smells really get to me and make me nauseous, even gaggy, but no vomiting. Greek yogurt and chicken stock…get them away from me! I am always very tired, and can get winded after a flight of stairs. There are days where all I can muster is the strength to go from the bedroom to the couch, and call it good. But sleep is so unsatisfying these days!!! I wake up anywhere between 3am-6am, much to the dismay of your dad. I can never get comfortable in bed, and am used to sleeping on my back. It’s been an adjustment, but I know it’s worth it.

Current cravings: Asian food (Thai, pho [from places with no MSG], sushi [just the cooked stuff]), pasta, and burgers

Dear Edamame,
Finding out you were in my tummy, brought about a flurry of emotions. I was/am scared, nervous, happy, and excited. I heard your heartbeat last week, and it was overwhelming. This week, you’re the size of a plum or passion fruit. You just graduated from lime-size. You are so loved, already. Mommy is a planner, so I sometimes wish we could fast-forward to 20 weeks, when I’ll know if you’re a boy or girl. That way I can get to decorating your room. I’m told that this week, you can hear sounds. Sorry about the rap music. That would be your dad’s doing; he’s the Big Sean and Wiz fan. I will be introducing you to the classics, soon. Bach, Mozart, Beethoven…coming your way. Maybe you can hear our voices, too. Dad and I talk to you almost every night. I can’t wait to meet you and read stories to you. Grow big and strong!


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