Announcement Weekend!


August 1st was an eventful day! It marked 12 weeks of carrying you in my tummy. This also meant the first trimester was ending, which was the agreed upon time for Mom and Dad to announce to family. Lastly, it was the night of the OneRepublic concert, a birthday gift to your Dad. (It was a blast, by the way! I wonder if you heard any of it?)

Announcement Day turned into Announcement Weekend, since many family members were unavailable at the time we called. It was an exciting time, and I thought I’d share some of my favorite responses.

Grandpa Larry – “NO WAY!! That’s awesome!”

Great Grandpa Sid – “That’s the best news I’ve heard all day…ALL YEAR!”

Grandma Marcia – “You’ll be a beautiful, stylish pregnant lady. Larry is ecstatic!!”

But of course everyone we told congratulated us, and are happy. You have so many fans already, that can’t wait to meet you!

Current cravings: Chinese dumplings, ramen

Dear Edamame,
I think telling the families about you, has made everything even more real. We bought an at-home doppler, and have been practicing using it. We hope to be able to locate your heartbeat at home, and listen to you every week. Its a tricky thing to use! Are you being shy in there? I’ve been feeling very stressed when driving. There are a lot of crazy drivers, and I’ve been trying to control my lead foot and road rage, because of you. I think I’m going to have an anxiety attack the first time we put you in a car! Stay safe inside Mommy’s tummy! Daddy says he loves you and wants to meet you, already.


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