Almost Famous


On Monday, we took the announcement Facebook public. The response? Overwhelming to say the least! We hit the 600-mark with ‘Likes’ and I figured that was it, but we are now at 914 ‘Likes’! It’s funny, your dad and I were joking that people like us having a baby more than they liked us being engaged, because our engagement story only resulted in about 450 ‘Likes’. (When you grow up and get a Facebook, remember that ‘Likes’ do not equal real life. Facebook “approval” should really only be taken at face value. Don’t get social media anxiety!) BUT, it’s just crazy because I make it a point to only have people I know on some level, as Facebook friends. So that many people we know, are excited about your pending arrival! Just with Mom’s sorority alone, you have so many aunties ready to spoil you! We also joked that you are Facebook famous and trending. Haha. This was the announcement made by your mom’s sweet graphic design skills:

Funny story about the announcement. We used an engagement picture, a wedding picture, and the bottom picture was taken in our backyard! I saw this on Pinterest and got inspired. What’s funny is the last picture was taken before Mommy had to go to work (it was like 9am), and the camera was on a tripod set with a self timer, sitting between the back door and top stair. We did a whole bunch of takes and Dad was tired and so thrilled (sarcasm, intended)!

We can’t wait to find out if you are going to be a boy or girl! Mostly so Mommy can start thinking about your room, and also so people stop making predictions. Most of the “predictions” are based off Old Wives tales, anyway, without any proven facts. I don’t like arbitrary guesses; I like to know for sure. The idea has been brought up about a gender reveal party. Dad really likes the concept, but I’m not sure how it can happen. We have family all over the map!

Current cravings: Chinese soy milk

Dear Edamame,
Thanks for not being shy on Sunday! Mommy has been praying that we could find your heartbeat at home, so it was so comforting when we did! I was so happy! I have a handy phone app that updates me on your progress. 
We are excited to learn your eyes are developing and you now have fingerprints! You are currently the size of a peach, until about Friday. Every morning when we wake up, I picture you laying on your dad’s chest and it makes me smile.


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