Feeling SOUPer


I am nearly 4 months now, and looking a little bumpy! After this past weekend, it just seemed to pop out a bit more. I had the best night sleep so far, on Tuesday. Typically, sleep is not looked forward to, because nothing seems like a comfortable position. It’s still taking some getting used to, to sleep on my side and utilize the body pillow.

We had an appointment this morning. It worried me a little when our midwife took awhile to locate the baby. We heard a lot of swishing and occasional bursts of louder sounds. Apparently, the baby is quite the mover and kicker! Our midwife described the baby as “ornery”. Oh, dear! I suppose that’s like mother and father! Next visit is when we find out if we’re having a boy or girl! Can’t wait! For now, the skin of the baby is still translucent. One of my coworker said it’s like a Vietnamese spring roll. LOL.

Current cravings: SOUP! and donuts :-X (not together)

I’ve been drinking a lot of soup! Clam chowder, French Onion, chicken noodle…mmmm, now I’m thinking about baked potato soup.

15 weeks!

Dear Edamame,
What are you doing inside Mom’s tummy?! I suspect that when I can start to feel your movements, it’s going to be a lot of action! It sure was hard to locate your heartbeat, this morning. I hope you’re doing well in there. I am doing my part to eat healthy and only what’s allowed. No (raw) sushi is the hardest for Mommy! I’ve been thinking about your room a lot, lately. Your dad and I want to keep it classy and fairly neutral. I wonder how you’ll be with Titus, or rather, how Titus will be with you. He’s a loving dog. Anyways, Mommy and Daddy pray for you everyday. 



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