The caffeine-free life


I’m at a weird in-between stage where it’s debatable if I’m pregnant or just have a gut. Case in point: The other day, I was picking up lunch from the Japanese restaurant for myself and some coworkers. The older man making sushi behind the bar asked me if I already had the baby because I looked slim. It made my day because I know that under my loose dress, the belly is there. But then I was bummed that he didn’t think I looked pregnant. I’m always more obvious after eating.

So thankful that the horrid, cough-gag-meets-dry-heaving has subsided substantially! It was awful coughing to the point of gagging and then having tears swell your eyes and a nasty taste in your mouth. I don’t even really know what that was. Gross, huh? But lately, I’ve been getting the after taste of my DHA pill. It brings up a fishy taste, and is nauseating. I try to chase my DHA pill with a piece of chocolate, or juice, or something that has a sweet flavor.

The most exciting drinks I have these days are Sprite, cherry limeade from Sonic, or ginger ale. I’m trying to stay caffeine free. Supposedly there are some caffeine-free root beers?! I found a new drink to switch things up, last week! I love and have been missing chai tea lattes. I ordered an iced, decaf Earl Grey tea latte with a shot of vanilla (better known as a London Fog). It rocked my world. Every once in awhile, I guiltily crave a cold Coke…probably only because I can’t have it right now. Speaking of other banned beverages, I look forward to the day when I can have a glass of sangria or a Bloody Mary. I don’t even regularly drink alcohol often, but again, it’s probably because I know that I CAN’T have it right now.

Current cravings: (still) soup, Sonic tots, noodles, salads, and…

I bought 4 bags of this delicious, Japanese “salad-tasting” snack. It is one of my faves.

Dear Edamame,
Thanks for the couple nights of good sleep, but it seems I am back to getting up at wee hours of the night and just laying awake. 😦 So we find out if you’re a little man or little lady, later this month! I am trying not to count the days. Until then, I prefer not to go shopping because I see all kinds of baby stuff and I want to buy everything. I had a dream you were a girl, followed by a dream you were a boy, followed by another dream you were a girl. This week, you’re transitioning from the size of an avocado to an onion. Praying for you and imagining life with you!


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