Reset button


If I could hit the reset button on last week, (with exception to the day we found out the baby’s gender and saw the baby for the first time) I would. Rough week for this mommy-to-be. Work was awful and drama-filled, on multiple fronts. I felt like I couldn’t catch a break. This has resulted in a plethora of emotions that are overwhelming, and a stressed-out mental state. Mark has been great about calming me down. And the past few days, I’ve been waking up around 5:30am due to pressure on my side and discomfort all around.

Today was a good day. The husband and I worked on our gender reveal video (I’ll make a separate post about that. Don’t want to combine such a happy thing with my ‘reset’ post.), had dim sum, walked around the Plaza, and enjoyed a comedy show at the Improv. Anjelah Johnson! (Yes, think Bon Qui Qui and the “nail salon”.) I love her; she’s hilarious.

I rarely win drawings or contests, but I won a free, mini photography session for holiday family photos. This was super exciting because I have been getting quotes from photographers for family sessions, maternity sessions, and newborn sessions. This takes care of our holiday cards! Can’t wait to work with Laughter Loves Photography!

I now understand why people have those “Baby on Board” signs in their car. I used to think they were ridiculous, but now I kind of want one, in hopes that drivers will be more cautious around me. There are some crazy drivers out there!

Current cravings: tofu, cold grapes, and still soup

Dear Edamame,
You are just growing away and so active! I can feel some of your movements like little flutters in my tummy. What do you want at 5:30am everyday, that you keep waking Mommy up? I hope you are resting, as you’re nearing a growth spurt soon! This week, you are moving up in size from a mango to a banana. We are getting you some classical music to play for you. Maybe that will calm you down a bit, since we know you are a mover and shaker! Mommy and Daddy can’t wait to hold you!


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