Gender Reveal


It’s not a big deal to me if the baby is a boy or a girl. I just feel very blessed by this gift from God. I’m not into the whole guessing and wishing thing, when it comes to a baby’s gender or features. I get that people think it’s fun and all that; I just prefer the facts. I’m not quite sure how to respond when people tell me what they wish our baby is. Or when then say they want certain features. I can’t just put in an order! Lol. And if someone says they want one parent’s features but not the other, it’s hard not to take offense. It took 2 to make the baby, and it’s highly likely that the baby will have features of both parents. The fact of the matter is, no amount of wishing or guessing makes any one person in control of such things. You get what you get, and you just have to trust it’s God’s plan. That’s my perspective.

We found out the gender last Thursday, 9/18/14. The night before, I was so excited I could hardly sleep! And the morning of, I was ready to go before Mark. The ultrasound tech was pretty firm with the probe, which made my stomach feel pressure and discomfort. I don’t know if that’s supposed to happen or not. We were told repeatedly that not everything was as far developed because it was only 19 weeks. They typically do ultrasounds at 20 weeks, there. But baby was moving around as usual, and looked so cute. The heart was very cool to see. Drumroll, please…

The making of this video is quite a funny story. It was delayed a few days due to the terrible week I had, and how busy Mark and I both were. We ended up shooting the video at Fleming Lake and it was super WINDY! My hair was crazy in all directions. The balloons would wrap around Mark during takes. Titus would NOT sit still for a pic, and we tried for like 5 minutes! We are so excited to welcome a baby boy into our lives! (Check out my sweet drawing skills in my brainstorming for the gender reveal video.)


We started doing some shopping for baby. We went to H&M and got 2 little beanies, 2 bibs/bandanas, a little sweater, and a onesie. The onesie actually matches some of Mark’s shirts that have stripes. I’m jealous they get to match, but it’ll be super cute! We’ve started brainstorming for the room, too. So far, we’ve bought a changing pad cover, shag rug, and wall clock. I can’t wait to see the vision come together. It’s a very clean and modern, yet cozy look.

Current cravings: tofu, soft-baked pretzels w/cheese (And just assume I’m still craving soup, unless I note otherwise. Lol.)

Dear Edamame,
Mommy and Daddy are SO excited to meet you, baby boy! You looked so cute in the ultrasound pictures, and I especially loved seeing you flex your little arm! We are working on putting together your room, an opportunity for Mommy to start nesting. It’s not going to be TOO gender-stereotypical (color-wise), which I also aimed for in your gender reveal video. Daddy likes clean and modern looks with a lot of white. I’m trying to throw in a liiittle color for you–nothing crazy. Daddy is calling you our “Little Prince.” I know he’s going to be a great daddy. I hope you are recognizing our voices, everyday. Maybe you can hear Titus’ whining when he’s hungry, and get used to his “voice” too? 🙂 Behave in there, baby boy!


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