Preggos in the courtroom


I have had a real bad case of pregnancy brain in my first trimester. I am otherwise a pretty organized and on-it kind of person. But in the first trimester, I forgot to show up for Jury Duty in August. Yep. I remembered while sitting at my desk, and it was around 2pm. I rushed home to get my summons, then rushed downtown to the courthouse. I showed up in the jury room and it was empty, except for some personnel in the jury commissioner’s office. They ended up allowing me a one-time postponement for Monday, 9/29. I set multiple alarms, wrote it down in my agenda, and ended up hitting traffic downtown. I was about 10 minutes late. The jury room was packed, and I saw about 5 pregnant ladies. I think there were maybe 150 people, total. The judge doing jury duty orientation is apparently the uncle Gone Girl‘s author. It was a looong day and very different than the last time I served Jury Duty in Independence. There was a lot more waiting than I remembered. We were told they needed to use a lot of us because there were 6 cases (5 criminal, 1 civil) this week. I ended up in a courtroom for voir dire (jury selection process) of one of the criminal cases. There was also another pregnant woman in the same room. She was 9 months pregnant, due in 2 weeks, been on bed rest for the past 2 months, and had 2 miscarriages. I was shocked they didn’t excuse her, but apparently she already used her one-time postponement when she had her second miscarriage. Anyways, long story short, I did not get selected due to being intentionally outspoken about my feelings towards police officers. 😉 It ended up being a 10 hour day, but I left to a sweet view!

Go Chiefs! Go Royals!

Traditionally, Asian family members are pretty reserved and unemotional. My dad’s side is no exception. Last week, my Asian grandma called while I was at work. Her health is not the best, and I’m usually the one that calls her, so I was worried when I answered. She told me she was doing some light reading and wanted to advise me on some good things to eat, and what’s good for the baby. It was cute, and her way of showing she cares and was excited. Previously, I told her we had an appointment for an ultrasound and would see what the baby’s gender was. My grandma seemed uninterested, because she was never accustomed to such technology in her time. But also last week, she was like, “Well…what’s the gender?” It made me feel good to know that in her own way, she is very happy and thinks of the baby. After I got off the phone with her at work, I called my dad. My dad asked how I was feeling, if I was taking it easy, and made recommendations on what to eat. He also said he was going to talk with my grandma and see if there are some snacks/food he could mail me. It was really nice, and different than usual.

So this is me, now!

Current cravings: carbs, orange juice

Dear Edamame,
We got to see you again, yesterday! The ultrasound tech said you looked great and very cute. 🙂 You already look a bit bigger, and your body parts are starting to be more defined. You weigh 13 oz., and are ever the active little man! We got to see you playing with your hands and it looked like you were sucking your thumb. At one point, the tech said you were swallowing, and you looked like a little fish. It all warmed my heart. Fall is upon us and I can’t wait to take you for a stoller walk in the park. Be good in there!


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