Good hydration


Friday was eventful. I felt a little off and described the symptoms to our nurse, who called the doctor. She called me back afterward and told me I needed to check into Labor & Delivery, at the risk of preterm contractions. I left work early and met Mark at the hospital. We spoke to about 5 people before getting to the person we needed to see, and everyone was on their own time…no sense of urgency. It was quite nerve-wracking, and I was freaking out inside. Turns out, my ligaments were moving to accommodate my uterus stretching, and I was dehydrated. I was monitored at the hospital for awhile, before being released. Baby was fine, thank goodness. It’s also getting harder to breathe and catch my breath. As baby boy gets bigger, everything pushes up, and I don’t have a large frame. I get winded fast!

I have recently discovered Instagram boutiques and made my first Etsy purchase, as a result. It is a very dangerous thing. There are these giveaways that Instagram stores have, and it gets addicting! I have managed to win a couple cool things, though! So far, I’ve won a Latchy Catchy and a Kissy Kissy Baby pajama set!

Our vision for the baby room is coming together. Mark and I are starting to clean out the room and get to actually executing the vision. I am super excited! It’s going to be shabby chic meets rustic boy, with a modern touch. If that doesn’t make any sense, you’ll just have to wait for a sneak peek!

Current cravings: soup and a burger

Look at how cute, baby boy is! He's sucking his thumb! Thanks to my sister-in-law for this precious frame.

Look at how cute baby boy is! He’s sucking his thumb, here. Thanks to my sister-in-law, Leanne, for this precious frame.

Dear Edamame,

You are going to have such a stylish wardrobe, but at this rate, Mommy may go broke! All I want to do is buy things for you, but I’m trying to resist! You gave Momma quite a scare on Friday, when I couldn’t feel you moving around like your usual self. Don’t scare me! Your Daddy is the best. He has been at all your appointments and will be there for you no matter what. Be good in there.


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