Body changes


It’s interesting that my circles of friends are more defined now that I’m expecting. Among friends that have children, they are excited and eager to hear about my progress. They know about gender reveals, trimesters, planning for baby rooms, when to have baby showers, and etc. Among friends that don’t have children, it’s very different. They mean well when they ask questions about the pregnancy, but I feel like the interest and excitement level are different. There’s a noticeable contrast of being on different chapters in life, making it harder to relate. I’m told this is normal, from pregnant/mommy friends.

This journey called pregnancy has been quite the ride. I am fortunate that I have not been sick at all (I hate throwing up), and felt pretty good for the most part. Early on–around 5 months in–I even had the energy to participate in my 4th season of Kansas City Fashion Week. I was pretty self-conscious then of my bump, and thankful for such a great designer (Nataliya Meyer of Oblivion Clothing & Lucia’s Sarto) that was willing to work with me regardless. But recently, my body has been getting naturally bigger as pregnancy has progressed. So if I was self-conscious then, I don’t know what to call my current state of emotion. I’m also feeling less energetic, and have bouts of acid reflux. 😦 I haven’t had to buy any maternity clothes, but I know my thighs have gained some weight based on the way clothes fit. It’s a little freaky looking at myself in the mirror now and thinking back to how I looked before I got pregnant. HOW does one’s belly expand like that?!?! It’s so crazy. Can we talk about my belly button, for a second? I was an outie, but I don’t know what you’d call me now. It’s so stretched out and feels like a little stump of a belly button. The doctor said it should go back. I’m a little skeptical…and freaked out.

A look back to 1.5 months ago when I modeled with a bump!

A look back to 1.5 months ago when I modeled with a bump!

Dear Edamame,
You celebrated Halloween in the womb! I even dressed up my bump! Mommy was a deviled egg, and you were the yolk. I saw a lot of cute baby costumes and can’t wait to dress you up! I’ve been feeling very tired, and I hope that’s not a reflection of how you are feeling. Hope you’re getting the rest and nutrients you need. Mommy is doing her best, everyday. Love you, little man.

Halloween 2014 – Edamommy as a deviled egg!


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