Baby registry = stressful!


Hello, third trimester! I had my glucose test on Monday. Lab results came back normal, so yay for no gestational diabetes. That glucola is nasty stuff. The prick in my arm has left a nasty bruising, and is still green and purple. 😦 Also on Monday, the doctor advised I not travel. I asked if that just meant not flying, and she said, “Well, you can go downtown.” Message received loud and clear.

I finally started our baby registry! Though it is unfinished, I think the start is a huge accomplishment…and headache. Registering for our wedding–now that was fun and easy. Registering for baby…SO MUCH TO CONSIDER! I’ve been taking in recommendations from friends and family, and I printed off a list of “must haves” from Buy Buy Baby. But there are so many items I come across and I’m like, “What’s the best brand? Is this kind safe? What does the consumer report say about this one?” You don’t really have to consider safety of life with a wedding registry. I registered almost 50 items and had to take a break because it was stressing me out. I think we’ll end up registering on Buy Buy Baby and Target. Maybe Amazon, if necessary.

Maintaining good posture is hard to do these days! When I do stand up straight, I can’t see past my belly. Walking too much and talking too much, all result in me being out of breath. I have a dark line in the almost-center of my belly (I don’t remember if I mentioned this in a previous post, already. If so, I blame in on the preggo brain.), and it is really weird. Doc says it’s related to hormones. Oh, we switched from midwife to doctor, as a result of my complication. We loved our midwife and we love our doctor, too. Our midwife was very nurturing and funny, while our doctor is very straight-forward with a sarcastic sense of humor.

Baby boy’s room is still getting cleaned and cleared out. It’s quite the process and I don’t exactly move fast, these days. It used to be our storage/guest room, so just imagine how much stuff was in it. This week, we successfully moved the guest bed out of baby’s room and into my home office, which will double as a guestroom. We had to buy a bed frame for it. Space is getting limited, and I mean that in so many definitions of the word! My belly AND the house! Lol.

Ladies and gentlemen, Mark has sympathy cravings! He’s been requesting vanilla shakes and pretzels (the hard, snack ones unlike my craving for soft ones w/cheese). It’s pretty funny and cute.

Current cravings: chicken noodle soup, chicken wings, cupcakes, caffeine-free root beer


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