Thanksgiving food coma


Since I am currently not allowed to travel beyond about a 25 mile radius within greater KC, we stayed home for Thanksgiving. On actual Thanksgiving Day, Mark and I had sushi. So non-traditional, right? Blame Mark’s sympathy cravings. 😛 But the weekend following Thanksgiving, the in-laws came over for dinner and spent the night. It was a lot of work to prep all the food, but it was nice to entertain family and cook for them. It was also nice to spend time with them, even though I can’t do much activity these days.

Mark was in charge of the turkey, it was his first time, and he selected an all-white meat turkey. I guess we didn’t defrost it long enough, because it was not fully cooked until about 10pm! That’s one of the many things I love about my husband…his ability to make me laugh and be youthful at all our silly memories and experiences, together. A for effort! He was super cute about preparing it and proud of his responsibility. We were stuck with a lot of leftovers that pretty much included a full turkey. We are STILL eating the remains, and I am getting tryptophan-ed out!

Hubby & the turkey

Hubby & the turkey

Ladies and gentlemen, I didn’t think this day would come, but I am happy to say we are officially registered!! Feeling so relieved to cross that off my to-do list. We ended up registering at 3 places with varying costs and options.

My bodily changes continue to freak me out, but I don’t really have much control over that. Usually before showering, I wonder what has happened to my belly button, because it’s like getting swallowed via stretching, by my belly. Crazy!

Current cravings: French fries, cupcakes

Dear Edamame,
Baby boy, I can feel you getting stronger with your punches and kicks! Daddy likes to play games with you, and you always respond to him. Your movements are causing my stomach to literally jump, like you’re trying to push out of my belly! Daddy says instead of an “edamame”, you’re transforming into a “jumping bean”! At our last ultrasound, we were told you are above average in weight. I fully expect you to be a big baby boy, whether that be long or chunky. 🙂 We think you’ll have dark hair, and Daddy says it looks like you have my nose. We’ll find out soon enough! 


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