Baby Shower in a box!


This 4-piece set from Grammy just might be his coming home outfit!

On Saturday, I got a big surprise when the hubby brought upstairs a giant box that had “Baby Shower in a Box” written on all four sides. Apparently, he hid it from me in the garage. Just as it sounds, my family in New Jersey put together a baby shower for me…in a box! Eleven of my female relatives contributed gifts in this giant box. It was so sweet, and I had a blast opening everything with Mark taking pictures and a video camera going to capture everything. I especially loved the burp cloths and cloth diapers that were customized by my aunts and cousins with fun messages and cute drawings. They are all very special to me. While my friends in KC are throwing me an actual shower, I was a little bummed at the reality that my family probably wouldn’t be able to attend. But the box was super thoughtful and original. Baby boy got a ton of goodies…can’t believe he’s already getting spoiled! Thank you, thank you,dear family! We love you all! These are just a few pictures, because Mark took a ton! (I have a private video of the whole thing, but I’ll only share it with those that are somehow interested in sitting through 17 minutes of me opening presents, with commentary to Mark and Titus. Lol. Just ask if you want to see it.)


IMG952014120695115225~220141206_12065220141206_122747And here are some of my cousins decorating the box and cloths! Aren’t they super cute?!


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