First preggo Christmas & NYE


Soon to be family of 4 (counting Titus)!

Christmas is my absolute favorite holiday! My family always makes a huge family event out of it, with visits, food, presents, Christmas carols, and so much love. Christmastime back home, I like to sit back and watch all the family interaction and always feel so blessed to know that Christ’s love is overflowing through them. It’s a happy, happy feeling.


Daddy, mistletoe, & baby bump kisses

This year, however, was a low-key Christmas at our house. We stayed home and couldn’t travel because of pregnancy restrictions. But it was nice to have our own little Christmas. I imagine we’ll be starting our own traditions with baby boy, soon enough. Both sides of family mailed us our gifts, in the weeks leading up to Christmas. We spent the morning eating, Skyping with my family (even got to see Grammy & PopPop arrive), opening gifts, and took some cute pictures.

My cousins seem uninterested in our Skype session...or maybe they're in a food coma.

My cousins seem uninterested in our Skype session…or maybe they’re in a food coma.

A few days later, my cousin Terry and her FIANCE (yay!) came to visit. It was really nice to see her and meet him. We finally got a “Baby on Board” sign (among other goodies) that I hope to repel bad drivers with! And I kind of put them to work in assisting with baby boy’s lucky stars mobile. All done!

New Year’s Eve was different, more chill, but still fun. We went to a friend’s house to celebrate. With the wife being a photographer, of course there was a photo backdrop set up! 🙂

Happy New Year! Excited about 2015!

Current cravings: chicken wings & soup

Dear Edamame,
Can’t wait until we get to spend Christmas and New Year’s Eve with you! You will definitely be the most precious gift! Your kicks and movements get stronger everyday, and we are counting down toward your due date. Dad thinks you have Mom’s nose, but we’ll see if he’s right. So many people are praying for you. We love you!


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