Childbirth class…eek!


This morning, we had a 4-HOUR class on childbirth. The information was helpful, but it probably could have been condensed a bit. Mark and I were bummed there was no legitimate food, lol. Room full of pregnant women…come on, throw us a bone! Haha. There was an odd couple in front of us, and the female kept coughing, sneezing, and sniffing in her snot. It was gross and I kind of wished she stayed home. She was wiping it on her arm. We learned a lot about the stages of labor, birthing positions for relief, the different medical interventions, and c-sections. Interestingly enough, we learned only 10% of women have their water break before going into labor. I wonder if I’ll be in that 10%? One of the things that was recommended was a “focal point” (something for you to focus on during contractions), that would take your mind off the pain. There were all these different laminated images, and I randomly picked a garden. I love flowers, and it reminded me of playing outside while my grandma used to tend to her rose bushes. She loves gardening. We had to carry around our focal point to different stations set up in the back of the room. The stations consisted of exercises with directions, that could help make laboring somewhat more comfortable. I found the hand roller massage thing with lotion, and the birthing ball to be good distractions. Because of my height, I didnt like any exercises where im sitting down. It makes me much more comfortable to lean against or over a table, bed, wall, etc. If I were to predict my biggest issue, I would say it’s breathing. I know, that’s pretty important. When I’m in pain, I tend to tense up and hold my breath. I’ve been watching a lot of YouTube videos on breathing techniques and hope I can apply them when it’s go time.

A funny moment was near the end, when the nurse asked if any couples would be interested in seeing a birthing video. Mark and I were one of two couples that said yes, while all the others left rather quickly (particularly the men). The video wasn’t graphic at all, but it was very educational as far as staying home as long as possible while you dilate and contractions get stronger. We were advised we have to go to L&D if I can’t talk through the contractions anymore, or if my water breaks.

Naturally, my husband had no trouble cracking jokes as usual, throughout the class. He told me that during labor, he would sing Salt-N-Peppa to me. “Ahh, push it. Push it real good!” He also said when my water breaks, he’s singing, “Let it flooowww!” in the likeness of Frozen’s “Let it Go”. Ladies and gentlemen…my husband. 😛


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