Baby Room is done!


IMG_20150113_101607A little late, but Carter’s room has been finished for a few days, now! It is a very small space, but we tried to maximize it without overdoing it. It kind of got swallowed up as soon as the furniture was in, though. I have to thank Mark’s mom and aunt for the crib and glider/ottoman. In my nesting stage, anIMG_20150111_182842d because Mark was busy with work while I was home, I built the dresser, changing table and most of the crib by myself. Just call me Bob the Builder! Mark and I tackled the accent wall together. He helped measure the lines and was an expert taper. (Apparently, I can’t tape straight lines to save my life.) I painted the stripes once the lines were in place. Teamwork makes the dream work! The nursery was submitted to Project Nursery, so you can see and read more here. We lovingly called it, “Little Gentleman and Giraffe”.


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