Pre-preggo life


I’m convinced it’s baby season. I made a mental list from FB friends, and counted 17 people expecting boys, 11 expecting girls, 2 not finding out the sex, and 11 don’t know the sex yet. What?!?! More power to the mamas that aren’t finding out the sex. I don’t think I could do it, and I KNOW my husband couldn’t. He wanted to announce everything right away! Praying everyone I know has smooth and safe pregnancies and deliveries!

There are many things pregnancy makes me miss about NOT being pregnant. In no particular order:
1. A mani/pedi. I’ve gotten my nails done since high school, and this toxic free polish and nail stickers stuff is not cutting it. It’s just not the same look, and chips or peels so easily.
2. A sangria, moscato, or bloody mary. I’m not much of a drinker, but I think the fact that I can’t have any alcohol is making me want one of those.
3. Uninterrupted sleep. I miss not waking up at 5am like clockwork. I know this will continue into after pregnancy, with a newborn. But I mostly miss not waking up with my hands and calves hurting, swollen, and feeling like all the blood has rushed to them.
4. Breathing. I can’t breathe the same, especially when he’s all up in my business and on my ribs.
5. Eating whatever I want! So many things I’ve chosen to cut out (some are said to be ok, but I choose to be cautious and I’m also slightly paranoid): caffeine, raw sushi, MSG, med-rare steak, soft cheeses, smoked salmon. On top of restrictions, heartburn is no joke! It has kept me up almost every night. Miserable.
6. Going dancing. Yes, on occasion, I miss it. Club Bed and DJ Pillow can get boring.
7. My energy level. Everything is such a process now! I have very low energy and everything takes longer to do.
8. No stretch marks. I recently noticed a few on my hips. Cocoa butter, save me! I know it’s not proven to work, but I’m lathering up!
9. Bleaching my hair!!! Need I say more? My head is all dark, gloomy, and depressing. I’ve been blonde for 10 years. This change is not welcome.
10. Traveling. The hubby and I talk about this all the time, almost daily. We usually take a winter trip and the travel bug is so real, right now.
I’m sure I’ll think of more…
It’s really no secret that I don’t like being pregnant. Don’t ask me WHY, everyone’s different and that is my right to feel that way. I don’t think it’ll make me a bad mom; I love kids. But this 9 month process it’s taken to meet my baby…not a fan. Nope.

Mr. Giraffe has been a helpful “faux baby”. We use him to test all kinds of stuff, and he’s always willing. Mr. Giraffe’s latest assistance: diaper and swing.

Current cravings: cupcakes, macarons


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