So close, yet so far away!


2 weeks away, all! At the doctor’s appointment today, we got some exciting updates on dilation and effacement. Exciting but nerve-wracking! We are getting close! It doesn’t exactly feel like it’s been 8 months. And now that we’re nearing the end, time feels like it’s dragging!

38 weeks bumpie!

38 weeks bumpie!

Current cravings: apple slices with peanut butter and McD’s apple pie

Dear Edamame Carter,
What’s that vibrating feeling I’ve been experiencing in my belly? Makes me wonder what you’re doing in there! The doctor could feel your head, today! I don’t think you liked it, because Mommy’s been super uncomfortable since. Daddy and I are so excited to meet you. Pretty much everything is ready. We just need to pack our bags and figure out which cute outfits you’ll be wearing. 🙂


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