One. More. Week.


I can’t believe it. 9 months have passed. Unreal. This last month is dragging!


Husband & I after our appointment, this week. 2nd to last one! Stopped for smoothies on the way home. ūüôā

We have been on weekly OB appointments now, and today we went more in depth over our birth plan. I like our doctor very much, in that she explains things well and always answers our questions. What I really love is that she is someone who also loves to travel and dine out on occasion with her kid. She¬†has provided great advice on both those topics. Additionally, she really respects labor and delivery as a very special time for the parents. I couldn’t agree more.¬†She always stresses that it is great bonding for mom, dad, and baby, and we should see visitors only when ready. I definitely don’t want anyone other than my husband and the medical staff in that delivery room. And our hospital gives parents that first hour after delivery, for the parents to just be with the baby, and hopefully allow mommy to nurse. I think that’s awesome! After our appointment, I am confident she knows our birth plan well and we are on the same page.

Embarrassing Unknown Fact: When I’m in pain, I make crazy sounds¬†and say¬†some of the weirdest things. Ex. “Whoa Nelly”, “Ouchie wawa”, “Ho ho ho”, “Mommy” (and variations of this), “Mother of pearl”, “Pikachu”, “Oooh-ma-ha” (Yes, that would be Omaha).¬†Those are just some of the common ones. Needless to say, I’m thinking the delivery room is going to be mortifying for me and comedic for the medical staff. “You know they’re going to think you’re insane,” says Mark. Yep, I know.

Question: When do you think would be the WORST TIME for your water to break?
This is something I’ve been asking myself almost daily. I think driving in the car would be the worst. Or while out shopping like at the mall or grocery store would¬†suck. Then I think, where would it be ideal for my water to break? Obviously at home with my husband, but definitely not on our new laminate flooring or microsuede couches. The shower might not be good either, because it could be confusing. I might just think it’s the shower water.¬†This is the mind of a worrier and someone with OCD. I don’t want to be God, but man…sometimes I wish I knew the plan. Ahh, the complexities and challenges of faith.

Current craving: Sonic’s ice. I’m totally serious. I had Mark go out and purchase a Route 44 cup of it. I had some of it already, and I’m saving the rest for when the real contractions come.


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