Fighting Labor Fears & Anxieties


The closer I get to my due date, the more overwhelmed I feel. There is a plethora of feelings that overcome me, from joy to fear, excitement to anxiety. I know this is normal, but I don’t want to wait in fear or stress. I want to wait in peace. I’ve been seeking encouragement in prayer and scripture. Last night before bed, I made note-cards of 14 verses to pray through the fear of labor and delivery. I told Mark that I wanted them to be my “focal point”, so he will read them to me when I have contractions. SiIMG_20150209_145407multaneously, I will work on my J-Breathing (my favorite breathing technique that isn’t hard for me to remember). I know no one says it’s going to be easy, in fact everyone says it’s painful, but I will choose to focus on things above. My motto will be the same as the one I had through pledging my sorority: Mind over matter. I know my God is with me, and the birth of baby Carter is in His hands. I read this quote the other day, “Faith and fear cannot dwell in the same place. So let Him in to push fear out!”

Also, found this awesome prayer for labor and delivery. Thought I’d share it and maybe someone else can find encouragement in it, as well.

Dear Heavenly Father,

You have chosen this day as the day my baby will be born. Thank you for bringing me to this point in time and for your perfect plan for the hours ahead.

Lord, I praise you for loving me and my baby. Each moment ahead of us is being cradled in Your good hands. May I not forget that.

Father, help me to not be anxious. Remove from me a heart of fear and replace it with Your peace that passes all understanding! Hold my hand and lead me.

Please allow me to have endurance that comes from you, and keep me safe. Father, watch over my baby and allow him/her to be born under the best of circumstances!

May Your will be done, Lord. Give me a sense of calm and purpose as I go through labor and delivery.

I know, Lord, that physical pain can overwhelm me, but Lord, help me to cling to You and look forward to the joy ahead when I see my little baby for the first time.

Give skill and wisdom to the doctors, nurses, and staff that will be taking care of me today, Lord. Allow them to be kind and helpful and enable me and my family members to bless them too.

Jesus, thank you for this new life that you have knit together in my womb so perfectly. Whatever happens, Lord, I know that we are all fearfully and wonderfully made. May I feel your presence today, Father, in new and excellent ways. I know that You never leave me or forsake me.

Father, I give this baby to You. May my son/daughter grow up to follow You all the days of his/her life and guide me with wisdom as his/her mother from this first moment on.

In Jesus Name I Pray,


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